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Practice. Play. Improve.


Setup and repairs are delicate processes that need to be carried out with the upmost care and attention, not least because it involves being entrusted with a guitarist’s most prize possession. This is a responsibility I do not take lightly.


Whether it’s making custom modifications, repairing faulty electronics, or even just a simple string change and action adjustment, you can rest assured that you are entrusting your guitar into safe hands.


You can expect an initial consultation period where every detail of your needs will be discussed to ensure your instrument is returned to you playing, feeling, and sounding exactly how you like it.


I aim to provide a quick turn around time without any compromise in quality or attention to detail, minimising the amount of time you are without your instrument.


Includes the following checks and adjustments:

  • Playability - Action adjustment, changing string gauge, bridge levelling.

  • Tuning - Intonation and truss rod adjustment.

  • Output - Pick-up height optimisation.

  • FREE fretboard cleaning and string change*.

        *Strings not included in price.

Standard -
5 - 7 days
Express -
2 - 3 days

Types of repairs and modifications can include:

  • Controls - Volume & tone control  clean or replacement.

  • Electronics – Pick-up replacement, and selection mods, coil tapping, re-soldering.

  • Noise reduction – Cavity shielding, spring dampening, ground correction.

  • Hardware – Nut slot re-cutting, tremolo blocking, hardware replacement.

  • Finishing - Natural wood finishing.

  • Each job is customised to your needs.

  • FREE diagnosis of faults and likely cost before repairs.

         *Prices are approximate guidelines. Actual cost may vary.

Standard -
5 - 7 days
Express -
2 - 3 days



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